Peirce Mill: Two Hundred Years in the Nation’s Capital

Local preservationist Steve Dryden offers a comprehensive history of one of the few remaining symbols of Washington, D.C.’s agrarian past and a reminder that Washington is a hometown with a rich history beyond the monuments on the Mall. Available from Politics and Prose bookstore, and the Nature Center in Rock Creek Park.

Peirce Mill Restoration FHC e-magazine

Journalist Lee Cannon writes about the barrel hoist restoration project completed in April 2016. “…there were times when the miller needed to move grain or meal without sending it through the entire system. Thus the need for a device to move heavy loads up and down the mill, a role filled before by strong men or, at best, a pulley system. Enter, the barrel hoist.” Read More…

Metro Connection: The Return of Peirce Mill

Peirce Mill: The flour king of the 1800s
For nearly 200 years, the Peirce Mill in Rock Creek Park brought fresh wheat and corn flour to government workers, the White House and other Washingtonians. Many in the D.C. area may have seen it, passing by on jogs through the park, or on drives across town. Since the mill’s gears broke down 20 years ago, it has sat there, empty and silent. It took nearly 100 people and $3 million, but the millstones are turning once again. Read More…