There are so many ways to contribute to Peirce Mill and Rock Creek Park, besides just giving money. We need volunteers to help give tours in the mill, staff events, serve on committees, fundraise, and market our programs. We need food for school groups and volunteers. We need political connections to grease the gears to ensure that the mill stays open for future generations. And we could use a contact at DC Water to help with an in-kind donation. Finally, we need dedicated and creative people to do the heavy lifting to make the impossible happen.

Contact to contribute your time, talent, or resources.

Leave a Legacy Donation

Leaving a gift to the Friends of Peirce Mill in your will is a way of sharing the mill with generations to come. The mill has many visitors each year including school groups and families who love watching the gears and water wheel turn. Arts and Crafts Saturdays along with other special events funded by the Friends bring to life the community nature of American gristmills.

For more information on how you can included the Friends in your estate planning please contact Steve Dryden, Program Manager (301) 512-5899 or

Our success depends on the generous donations of our supporters.

Thank you!