Moving the Millstones

These slides show the moving of three pair of millstones (six stones) from one side of the main floor of the mill to the other. Now that the floor on the west side is fully repaired, we moved the stones there so that similar repairs could be carried out on the east side. After final nailing of the floorboards on the west side, Steve and Jim laid a plywood base, then used a pallet jack to move the stones. The move was like a jigsaw puzzle, since the metal scaffolding needed to support the weight of the stones had to be moved in stages in advance of each transfer.

The work was carried out by Steve Ortado and Jim Gulbranson. With the stones in this position, they are more accessible for “re-dressing” — cutting new grooves in the stone surface prior to re-installing them next year.

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Building the New Pit Gear

Our contractor Gus Kiorpes explains how the Pit Gear is constructed and we see how it is built. Contractor John O’Rourke is also visible. Video by Michael Dolan.

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Installing the New Main Shaft

This video shows the installation of the new main shaft at Peirce Mill on June 17, 2008. Our contractors, John O’Rourke and Gus Kiorpes, are working with a crane operator to lift the 20-foot white oak shaft into position on bearings inside and outside the mill building. Later, a new water wheel will be mounted on the shaft.

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