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Peirce Mill: Two Hundred Years in the Nation’s Capital by Steve Dryden

Steve Dryden, executive director of the Friends of Peirce Mill, offers the first comprehensive history of the mill. The book traces the roots of the Peirces, Pennsylvania Quakers who became prominent landowners in Washington, DC. In the early 19th century, the Peirces used enslaved workers to build lucrative enterprises, including a grist mill and orchard, near Rock Creek.

This richly illustrated volume describes the evolution of Peirce Mill, as it became part of Rock Creek Park in 1890 and a teahouse in the early 20th century. Using newly unearthed material, Dryden outlines Peirce Mill’s revival during the Great Depression as the first historic preservation project of the federal government. Now entering its third century, Peirce Mill is one of Rock Creek Park’s  premier attractions.